ECF Filing Tips and Terms
Quick Reads
The below are Tips and Terms that are used when working with CM/ECF. Click on the hyperlink to view its definition.
  • Creditor Mailing Matrix
  • Declarations
  • Declaration of Electronic Filing  CSD 1801
  • Defendant’s Attorney
  • Document Events
  • E-Orders
  • ECF Availability
  • ECF Filing Menus
  • ECF Filing Screens
  • Email Notification of Filing Activity
  • Embedded Fonts in Adobe Acrobat
  • Fee Documents
  • Filing Sequence
  • Internet Browsers
  • Large .PDF Files
  • Lock Out
  • Log Out
  • Main Document

  • NextGen PACER Login and Password

  • Notice of Electronic Filing
  • Notices & Hearings
  • Original Signatures on Paper Documents
  • Party Role Type

  • Plaintiff’s Attorney
  • Plaintiffs and Defendants
  • Refer, Link, Relate Documents to Main Document
  • Signatures on .PDF Documents
  • Social Security Numbers .PDF Files
  • Social Security Number and Case Opening
  • Statement of Social Security Number  Form 121
  • Supportive Documents

  • Timed Out

  • Verifying .PDF File while filing

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