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This procedure instructs you on how to update your address through PACER and apply those updates to all cases in one or more of the NextGen courts in which you are registered.



  1. Choose one of the paths (a. through PACER website) or (b. through Utilities on the CM/ECF Menu Bar) to update your Address Information
    1. Access the PACER website at https://pacer.uscourts.gov.
    2. Select Utilities on the CM/ECF Menu Bar

  2. Select Maintenance, as shown below.

  3. Select the Update Address Information link, as shown below.

  4. Update your address.
    • Enter reason for update.

    • Check box if this address update applies to the entire firm.

    • In the Apply update to box, select: All Cases.


  5. Apply Updates to Selected Courts.


  6. Select the Submit button after updating your information.

  7. Click the Close button

    Note: Notification of this update will automatically be sent to CASB.


  8. File an Attorney Change of Information Form (CSD 1546) with Bankruptcy Court for Southern District of California.

    • This is required by Local Bankruptcy Rule 9010-4.









Quick Note


To update the ECF Filer’s e-mail information to receive Notices of Electronic Filings, access the Update E-Filer Email Noticing and Frequency procedure.


To update the ECF Filer’s personal information, access the Update Personal Information procedure.


To update the PACER Billing Email address information, access the Update PACER Billing Email procedure.





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