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E-Orders are orders that are submitted electronically to the judge for review with the exception of the Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Orders, which are sent electronically to the Trustee for review prior to submission to the Judge. Once the judge has approved or not approved the order, it is entered onto the court docket.

The first page of any electronically uploaded order must substantially conform with the appropriate order template (CSD 1001A-C, CSD 1159A-C, or CSD 3000A-C) maintained by the Court for standard orders, orders shortening time and lodged orders. Deviations from the required format are not permitted.  Notification of defects in an order will be provided by e-mail.  Therefore is it strongly recommended that the court's E-Order templates be used.

If a paper order is scanned to a pdf, the paper must be 8-1/2 x 11 inches.  If it is larger or smaller, you will receive an error when uploading the order.

Before submitting your E-Order, the related motion/application, notice of lodgement, or stipulation must be filed on the case docket.  The resulting document number is then noted on the front page of the E-Order.

  Follow the below steps to upload a Single order:

  1. Select Bankruptcy or Adversary.
  2. Select Order Upload.
  3. Select Single Order Upload.
  4. Enter case number.
  5. Enter related document number.
  6. Select Order Type.
    • Enter hearing date for contested matters only.
    • Browse, verify and attach the order (PDF file).

      Note: If you are uploading either an Application for Confirmation of Ch 13 Plan and Order Thereon (CSD 1178) or an Application for Compensation and Confirmation of Ch 13 Plan and Order Thereon (CSD 1177), select the Order Type Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Order, which automatically sends the order to the Chapter 13 Trustee for review prior to submission to the Judge.

  7. Submit. The Upload a Single Order screen appears showing that the PDF (order) was uploaded successfully.
    • VERIFY for correct PDF attachment by clicking on the hyperlink on the page (e.g. 00-00.pdf).
    • PRINT the page as your confirmation of the submission of the Order to the court, as no Notice of Electronic Filing will be issued.

  To upload orders in Batch, click here.



Quick Tips

Guidelines for E-Orders

Compliance for electronically submitted order must comply with all California Southern's Bankruptcy Administrative Procedures. 

Completing E-Order forms:

  • Enter all pertinent information as appropriate on the front page, including the  related document number, which references the document related to the Order.
  • Sign the E-Order with /s/ name.

  • The prayer begins on the second  page of the order.

Acceptable Fonts for E-Orders.

Exhibits and Supportive Documents may not be combined with the order but may be referenced in the order by their document number as it appears on the case docket.

To insert additional pages (PDF pages) to the existing order template, see Insert PDF Pages to Existing PDF File.

After Submitting Guidelines

  • Defective Orders

  • Print Entered Order



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