Insert PDF Pages to Existing PDF File
Adobe Acrobat & PDF Files

You may have an existing document that needs to include additional pages from another document. You can insert PDF pages to an existing PDF file.

The below will instruct you how to Insert PDF Pages to an Existing PDF File.

  1. Open existing PDF file
    1. Access Adobe Acrobat and locate the PDF file which you want to insert more PDF pages to.
    2. Note page in which you want to insert PDF page (before or after). 
  2. Insert PDF files (other pages)
    1. Click on  "Document" on the Adobe Acrobat menu
    2. Click on "Insert Pages" from the drop down menu. The "Select File To Insert" window appears.
    3. Locate and select the PDF file from your directory.
    4. Click on the "Select" button. The "Insert Pages" window appears.
    5. Indicate the location (before, after, first, last, etc.) to insert the PDF file.
    6. Click on the OK button .

Note: Continue this process until all pages have been appended.


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