File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Speciality ECF Features

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows the Trustee/Attorney to Download ECF case files and PDF's for easy viewing without accessing the CM/ECF system. This is done by downloading from the Bankruptcy Court zip files which are setup from the previous days entries.

  • Initial Installation and Setup
    • Note: After running the initial installation you will be running version 1.0.  Before using GetPDF or MovePDF you will need to update them to the most recent version.  In the common folder on the FTP site there is a GetPDF.exe and MovePDF.exe;  copy both of these into your GetPDF folder, overwriting the original files.
  • Downloading Files from the Court
    • Errors
    • Daily Process
  • Setting Up a 341 Meeting File
  • Exporting 341 Data to your Laptop

FTP Contacts

For FTP Folder Set-up at the Bankruptcy Court contact the Systems Department at 619.557.7415.



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