CM/ECF Filing Objectives

Quick Reads

CM/ECF Filing Objectives are to create the most accurate file entry to the court's docket by knowing when to:

  • Document Events - Select the appropriate document event from  Search on the ECF menu.
  • File as a stand alone document - When the document you’re filing requires a deadline or hearing to be set. Ex: Chapter 13/11Plan or Notice of Motion. When the document you’re filing requires further action. Ex:Motions
  • Refer documents - When the pleading(s) you are filing links to a previously filed document Ex: Objection to a motion. When amending a previously filed document Ex: 3rd Chap11 Plan, Amended Motion.
  • Attach supportive documents - When what you are filing supports the main document being filed Ex: Declaration in support, Proofs of Service, Memorandum of P&A
  • ECF fields - Complete all appropriate fields for the document you are filing. 
  • Browse field - Browse for the correct document (PDF file) and attach it to the appropriate document event.


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