Registration of Preferred Creditor's Address (BNC)
What is EBN?

The Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) program allows court notices to be transmitted electronically to notice recipients, delivering them faster and more conveniently than mailed paper notices. In deciding which service is best for your office, you may want to consider the significant advantages of using the EBN service instead.

While the NCRS allows you to specify a single specific USPS mailing address to which all bankruptcy notices should be mailed, EBN allows you to eliminate paper notices completely by redirecting the transmission of notices to a single electronic address.

EBN allows you to choose to receive bankruptcy notice data in one of three ways:

When you sign up for EBN, you must list your name(s) and address(s) and name synonyms (spelling variations of your name) commonly used in debtor filings where you are identified as a creditor. Software will attempt to match the names and addresses provided by you to the name and address included in the mailing list. In most cases, the addresses in the courts mailing list are provided by the debtor. If a match is made, the notice will be transmitted to your electronic address. If the recipient name and address in the courts mailing list do not match any combination of names and addresses provided by you, the BNC will mail the notice to the address provided in the mailing list.



To sign up, visit the BNC's public website, at, read the information provided, download and complete the registration form, and submit it to the BNC.


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