Extract Pages from Existing PDF File
Adobe Acrobat & PDF Files

Before filing your document, ensure that all pages are correct. If not, extract pages that are not needed from an existing PDF document before filing. 

The below will instruct you on opening, extracting the pages, and closing the PDF file when done.

  1. Open ORIGINAL PDF file. Make note of the page number(s) to be extracted.
    1. Select Document from the Adobe Acrobat Tool Bar.
    2. Select Extract Pages
    3. Enter noted page number in the From and To boxes of the pages to be extracted.
      • Select "Delete Pages After Extracting."
      • Click "OK."
    4. Select Yes to "Are you sure you want to delete page XX?"
      • The extracted page(s) will appear in a separate screen
  2. Save the extracted pages.
    1. Select File from the Adobe Acrobat Tool Bar, where extracted page(s) appear.
    2. Select Save As.
    3. Select the appropriate directory in the "Save In" field. 
    4. Name the file in the "File Name" field and click "Save." 
    5. Close this screen by clicking on File from the Adobe Acrobat Tool Bar and Close. 

      NOTE: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to extract additional pages, if appropriate. The original file will remain the same unless you delete pages from it. 

  3. Close the ORIGINAL pdf file.
    1. Select File from the Adobe Acrobat Tool Bar
    2. Select Close.
    3. Select Yes to "Do you want to save changes to "name of pdf.PDF" before closing?"

Quick Note

Make note of the pages that are going to be extracted.

The extracted pages will become a separate PDF file.

The original will not be affected unless pages are deleted and then saved in its original filename.




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